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Networking Tips for Recent Graduates

networking tips

Graduates of 2015 have been out of school for a couple of months now, and some of them are still struggling to find employment. If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider networking to help you. Networking is just another word for meeting people. It involves introducing yourself, listening to someone else,… Reads more »

5 of the Best LA Bars for Networking

best LA bars for networking

As much as you may not think that bars aren’t the ideal places to network, they can be a hidden gem for meeting influencers, especially in LA. This little clue comes from those interested in getting into the film or music industry, but entrepreneurs can also find great connections in them. The key is to… Reads more »

Using Empowerment for Networking


Throughout the HuddleDo Blog, you’ve learned that you must give to receive. This means that even though the goal of networking is to help grow your business, you need to help others before you’ll be able to see any growth. There are some entrepreneurs that have used this philosophy while networking and it’s helped them… Reads more »

Sweatworking: Is It the New Networking?


Fast Company recently published an article by Susan Johnston about sweatworking. It’s a new way to network that has gained popularity lately because of healthier lifestyle trends. According to the article, sweatworking is the act of meeting colleagues and clients while exercising. Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of 99designs says, “It gets the creative juices flowing when… Reads more »

Wise Words from Red Lobster President Salli Setta


Salli Setta, the president of Red Lobster, spoke to Business Insider about the use of networking for businesses. Setta shares what she believes is the biggest mistake people make with networking. Most people believe networking is just used to advance a career. These same people think networking is boring and pointless. Does this sound familiar… Reads more »

Network as a Pro Right Out of College


Since you’ve just graduated, you’re probably still new to the world of networking. Don’t worry; we all have to start somewhere. The following are some tips you can use to use networking to get a job that will give you a great start on your career path. Start Attending Events The Internet is a valuable… Reads more »

What Women Need in a Networking Group

networking group

The Huffington Post published an article recently on what women truly need in networking. From the author’s perspective, most women do not benefit from networking as much as they should. It’s not that they don’t feel as though they do because they certainly feel that the networking group provides inspiration and knowledge. There’s so much… Reads more »

Words You Should Never Say When You’re Networking


Have you ever said something and then wish you could take those words back? Don’t worry; we’ve all done it. To make sure you don’t end up doing it over and over again, study the following words you should never say when you’re networking. Hate Don’t hate anything or anyone. Hate is a strong word,… Reads more »

Take the Work Out of Networking

networking event

Last week, Sean Kim, contributor for published an article on how to improve networking skills. The article identifies ways we can make networking much more successful. One of them is changing your mindset, and we agree with it wholeheartedly. Change Your Mind…Change Your Approach…Change Your Results Your perception of networking can affect its effectiveness… Reads more »

Networking for Better Health

networking for better health

Most people would never think networking would affect their health, but it does. If you look at it from a different perspective, you’ll soon see that by networking, you could improve not only your mental, but your physical health too. How It Improves Your Mental Health When you network, you put yourself in front of… Reads more »