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Is the Digital World Sabotaging Your Networking Efforts?


The ability to be connected 100% of the day is ruining our networking efforts to make an authentic connection. While digital communication is great for establishing a new business connection, a human to human meeting is vital for an authentic connection to take place. What networking efforts are you making? Are you closing deals and… Reads more »

Spring Clean Your Networking Strategy  

networking strategy

It is always exciting to see business people strategizing and taking action to achieve their goals and business for the next year. However, too many people end up in a rut. Take this time to do a spring cleanup among your network connections. Call it spring cleaning your networking strategy.  Different Networking – Different Results… Reads more »

Social Ecosystems for Successful Networking

social ecosystems

Being successful at networking has a lot to do with how you perceive it. People who don’t see it as something that will grow their business will usually not succeed with it. Those that do believe it’s valuable to the growth of their business will see how beneficial it is to them. What Are Social… Reads more »

Are You Networking with the Wrong People?


When you network with the wrong people, you start to feel as though networking isn’t your thing. You don’t see the point in it because you don’t see the results. The problem is that most people don’t know they are networking with the wrong people. They just place blame on networking. The best way to… Reads more »

Starting a New Business with Networking


Many people wonder if they should start a new business. They want to do it, but they don’t always have the time or all of the knowledge and skills needed to start one. This can seem like starting a new business is impossible. Luckily, with a little networking, people can start a new business. How… Reads more »

6 Tips to Rock at Networking


Networking is not hard. Many people think it is because they tell themselves that, but it’s really not when you are prepared and have experience in it.  The following tips will help you network like a pro right from the start. Have fun, but don’t have too much fun. Networking events are social events, so… Reads more »

5 Mistakes Not to Make at a Networking Event

networking event

People make mistakes all of the time. We’re all human.  But the best way not to make a mistake is to know what others have done and then avoid repeating them. The following are some of the most common mistakes to avoid. Mistake #1: Wearing Something Uncomfortable Watch out for that jacket or shoes that… Reads more »

Hosting Your Own Networking Event

networking event

In a recent article on, 6 Surprisingly Effective Networking Tactics They Won’t Teach You in Business School, the author identifies holding your own networking event as the first one. We believe this is because it’s the most important one. Why Holding a Networking Event Is Important When you start a networking event of your… Reads more »

Stop Networking So Much – Network with Purpose


The title of this post probably makes you think we’ve been leading you astray. Week after week, we tell you to network, network, and network some more. This week, we’re telling you to back off. Okay, well, we don’t want to tell you to end your networking efforts. What we want you to do is… Reads more »