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13 Business Networking Tips from Experts

business networking tips

Networking is important to business owners. It’s not always easy though. That’s why it’s crucial you learn as much as possible to make your networking approach effective. The following are some of the best tips from experts in business networking. Be Short, Sweet, and Inquisitive When you meet someone, have an elevator speech ready in… Reads more »

How Women Can Network with a Purpose

network with a purpose

Men and women differ in many areas of life, and networking is no different. In a great book, Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One, Madeleine Albright says: “Women don’t network – they make friends. Men network up and down. Women tend to network more peer to peer.” Women make friends and men… Reads more »

Introvert’s Networking Survival Guide


Being an introvert can make networking difficult. Walking into a room of strangers, and having to be social just seems like a lot of work for people who are introverted. This doesn’t mean that introverts can’t or shouldn’t network. It just means that introverts have to take some extra steps to ensure they take care… Reads more »

Improve Your Networking Skills with this Assessment


Everyone can improve their networking skills. They are skills that need to be worked on continuously because there are so many personalities to deal with at a networking event. After your next event, you may want to start analyzing your networking approach. By analyzing, you will be able to identify what you’re doing right, and what you… Reads more »

8 Networking Tips to Make Networking Events a Raging Success


If you’re just not understanding the point of networking events, you may not be approaching it the right way. These 8 networking tips will help you get more out of each event. Choose the Right Network Although networking with professionals from all walks is advisable, consider focusing your efforts on industries that are naturally aligned… Reads more »

Signs You’re Coming On Too Strong When Networking


It can be difficult to look at ourselves in the self-awareness mirror. We don’t ever want to see a negative reflection. However, taking a real look at how we appear in front of others is necessary, especially when in networking situations. Coming on too strong at networking events is one of the reasons some people… Reads more »

Step Away from the Computer and Network Offline Too


People have become comfortable with online networking. They’ve set up their LinkedIn profiles, started a Twitter account, and designed their Facebook Page. They reach out to people, connect, and sometimes those connections lead to awesome opportunities. Sometimes, those connections lead to nowhere. This is when online networking fails and how offline networking can save the… Reads more »

What Not to Do When Networking to Find a Job

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that 70 percent of people find a job through networking. Just like the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” With that being said, it’s time to step up your game when it comes to networking to find a job. Many people are doing… Reads more »

Use These Words to Win at Networking


The Business Insider recently published an article identifying the six most powerful words when networking. These words are: Who What Why Where When How These words are your keys to get into the realm of relationship building with people. One thing that HuddleDo emphasizes is the importance of building valuable connections with people at networking… Reads more »

Are You One of These Networking Types?

Everyone approaches networking in a certain way. People usually don’t even realize they are a “type” of networker. They do what they believe is the right way to do it, and move on with it. Understanding the type of networker you are will help you perfect your approach to get the most out of the… Reads more »