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6 Ways to Research for a Networking Event

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a networking event is to do some research. When you know who will be attending the event, you’ll know who to connect with and you’ll be able to connect with them much easier. The following tips will help you with your researching. Search… Reads more »

Books with Networking Tips for Business Opportunities

Networking Tips

You can spend the entire day reading about networking online, but when you’re away from your computer, you can’t do your research. Instead, you need something else to give you the networking tips that will help you succeed. That something else is books about networking. The following are some of the best books you can… Reads more »

HuddleDo Sponsors Networking Event in Santa Monica

It’s time to test out all those networking tips you’ve been reading on our blog! On May 15th, we are sponsoring a networking event in Santa Monica. This is a LAHH BBQ-style party with some great food and drinks. Nothing too fancy, but it’s definitely going to be a great time to enjoy some yummy… Reads more »

5 Reasons Networking Isn’t Working for You


You’ll hear and read repeatedly that networking is one of the best ways to grow your business. However, when you try it, the time you spend on it doesn’t lead anywhere. This probably makes you wonder if everyone is lying or you’re doing something terribly wrong. The good news is that you are right in… Reads more »

How to Stand Out at a Networking Event


You can’t hide behind your computer screen anymore. Networking is happening all around you in your community, and you are missing great opportunities for your business. Step out into the networking world offline with these tips on how you can stand out. Be Real You don’t need to act like someone you aren’t to get… Reads more »

The Right Attitude for Networking

attitude for networking

Most people don’t realize that you have to have the right attitude for networking. Attitude gives off energy and that energy is what helps you successfully work a networking event. So what’s the right attitude to have, and how do you change the one you already have grown accustomed to? Read on to find out…. Reads more »

Networking Tools for Master Networkers

Networking Tools

Networking tools make it easy to keep contacts organized and reach out to them when you need them. They also help you gain more attention and increase the effectiveness of networking events when growing your business. While there are many tools you can use, these are the most helpful. Plaxo Plaxo is a powerful application… Reads more »

Network For Contacts You Need Today

Network Contacts

A networking event is a time for you to find new people to help you grow your business. This doesn’t mean you should only try to get new clients or customers though. It’s true they will help you bring in more revenue, but there are other types of network contacts that can help you bring… Reads more »