5 of the Best LA Bars for Networking

best LA bars for networkingAs much as you may not think that bars aren’t the ideal places to network, they can be a hidden gem for meeting influencers, especially in LA. This little clue comes from those interested in getting into the film or music industry, but entrepreneurs can also find great connections in them.

The key is to start people watching to find out who the movers and shakers are at the place. Once you know who they are, you can nonchalantly introduce yourself. Since these are bar/restaurant environment, it’s not odd to casually say hello. Just keep it brief and say something short and sweet to spark their interest before moving on to your table or someone else.

The Ivy

The first place to try out networking is The Ivy. It’s a popular hangout for celebrities, so that means their agents and assistants are there too. Those are the people you should be more interested in spotting, so you can expand your network of connections.

The Polo Lounge

This is popular place for networking and celebrity watching. The tourists probably won’t benefit you, so don’t plan on going during the weekends. Instead, head over there around breakfast because that’s when the professionals are looking to make a deal.


It’s a common business meeting spot. You can have lunch there, but if you’re looking to mingle, it’s best to sit at the bar with a cocktail. That’s where people wait for a table, so it’s the best time to introduce yourself.

Laurel Tavern

This spot in Studio City attracts TV industry people. It has a casual atmosphere that makes meeting people next to you easy. Consider going during happy hour for deals on drinks.

The Grill on the Alley

Bring your game face on when you try The Grill on the Alley. It’s one of the best places for business lunches and networking events. On any given day or night, you may end up meeting several people you’ll love to add to your contacts.

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