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Tips on Following Up After a Networking Event


All the work you do during a networking event will lead you nowhere, if you don’t follow up with people after the event. The follow up is what takes people from just thinking about connecting to actually making a connection. It’s what takes plans and turns them into actions. When following up with people, it’s… Reads more »

The Trick to Breaking Into Networking Events


Networking events can be scary to some people. They’re filled with people you never met, and you don’t know what to say to start conversations. The thing about networking events is that you just need to break into them. Once you do, you’ll be comfortable walking into the same room of strangers and you’ll have no… Reads more »

Network Effectively with a Relationship Action Plan

relationship action plan

Recently, Forbes published an article, The Professional’s Guide to Networking. This article discussed some ways you can network more effectively, so you don’t go from event to event without anything to show for them. One of the concepts the article mentioned is one that many networking pros recommend – relationship action plans. What Is a… Reads more »

Give to Get in the Networking World


When most people think of a networking event, they immediately imagine themselves gathering new leads. They think about who they can meet that will help them grow their business. They may even think about how they can get the next great employee that will help them reach their business goals. Even though it’s normal to… Reads more »

13 Business Networking Tips from Experts

business networking tips

Networking is important to business owners. It’s not always easy though. That’s why it’s crucial you learn as much as possible to make your networking approach effective. The following are some of the best tips from experts in business networking. Be Short, Sweet, and Inquisitive When you meet someone, have an elevator speech ready in… Reads more »

Introvert’s Networking Survival Guide


Being an introvert can make networking difficult. Walking into a room of strangers, and having to be social just seems like a lot of work for people who are introverted. This doesn’t mean that introverts can’t or shouldn’t network. It just means that introverts have to take some extra steps to ensure they take care… Reads more »

HuddleDo Sponsors Networking Event in Santa Monica

It’s time to test out all those networking tips you’ve been reading on our blog! On May 15th, we are sponsoring a networking event in Santa Monica. This is a LAHH BBQ-style party with some great food and drinks. Nothing too fancy, but it’s definitely going to be a great time to enjoy some yummy… Reads more »

The Right Attitude for Networking

attitude for networking

Most people don’t realize that you have to have the right attitude for networking. Attitude gives off energy and that energy is what helps you successfully work a networking event. So what’s the right attitude to have, and how do you change the one you already have grown accustomed to? Read on to find out…. Reads more »

Face Rejection with a Smile


You go to a networking event that ends up being a successful one. You come away from it with many business cards. As you start calling or emailing people, you realize some of them are either not responding or tell you point blank they are not interested in connecting with you. Rejection…It hurts. It makes… Reads more »