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Are You Networking with the Wrong People?


When you network with the wrong people, you start to feel as though networking isn’t your thing. You don’t see the point in it because you don’t see the results. The problem is that most people don’t know they are networking with the wrong people. They just place blame on networking. The best way to… Reads more »

6 Tips to Rock at Networking


Networking is not hard. Many people think it is because they tell themselves that, but it’s really not when you are prepared and have experience in it.  The following tips will help you network like a pro right from the start. Have fun, but don’t have too much fun. Networking events are social events, so… Reads more »

5 Mistakes Not to Make at a Networking Event

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People make mistakes all of the time. We’re all human.  But the best way not to make a mistake is to know what others have done and then avoid repeating them. The following are some of the most common mistakes to avoid. Mistake #1: Wearing Something Uncomfortable Watch out for that jacket or shoes that… Reads more »

Hosting Your Own Networking Event

networking event

In a recent article on, 6 Surprisingly Effective Networking Tactics They Won’t Teach You in Business School, the author identifies holding your own networking event as the first one. We believe this is because it’s the most important one. Why Holding a Networking Event Is Important When you start a networking event of your… Reads more »

Stop Networking So Much – Network with Purpose


The title of this post probably makes you think we’ve been leading you astray. Week after week, we tell you to network, network, and network some more. This week, we’re telling you to back off. Okay, well, we don’t want to tell you to end your networking efforts. What we want you to do is… Reads more »

HuddleDo Helps You Meet People in Your Local Area Easy


Many people have come to HuddleDo to learn about networking. What some of these people don’t realize is that it’s also a great place to make high quality local connections! When you set up your HuddleDo account, you can start creating Huddles (a.k.a., networking over a coffee).   These Huddles will help you meet new… Reads more »

Why Confidence Can Be a Problem in Networking


Many people think that confidence is everything to networking. While that is usually the case, there is a time when confidence can be a huge problem. Understanding when that is can be the secret to finally being able to make networking work for you. Confidence vs. Insecurity – The Balancing Act Have you ever met… Reads more »

Take It Offline for Networking Results


With social networks, many people have become isolative. They believe they can do all of their networking online. They don’t ever want to meet another person face-to-face again. Unfortunately, that will only hurt you. That will only keep you from getting all of the benefits of networking. You need to get out into the world… Reads more »

5 of the Best Places to Find Networking Events


Networking can be difficult when you don’t know where to do it. While you can always network online on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, they aren’t always a good replacement for face-to-face networking. When looking to shake hands with people, it’s important to find alternate places to find people you can meet…. Reads more »

Networking Across Cultures


The United States is a wonderful mix of many cultures. It’s the melting pot of the world. People come to the U.S. to make it big – to create the American Dream and live it. As these people are creating the life they’ve always dreamed of in America, they realize that networking is important. They… Reads more »