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Start Digitizing Business Cards


Collecting business cards at networking events is probably something you’ve been doing for years. It’s worked well, but what if you could make organizing contacts even easier? There are many apps that can help you digitize business cards. That way you won’t have to worry about losing any cards or entering information in wrongly. CardMunch… Reads more »

Use Powerful Introductions for Better Networking


It’s not what you know, but who you know. You’ve probably heard this saying a million times. As much as you don’t want to believe it, it’s true. Knowing people who can connect you with others can boost your chances of bigger, better opportunities. This is why it’s important you start using the power of… Reads more »

How Many People You Should Meet at a Networking Event

networking events

Many people believe they should meet as many people as possible when they attend a networking event. That’s the number one mistake they make. It’s probably the reason a lot of people find that networking events aren’t beneficial to the growth of their business. If this sounds like you, try something different – meet less… Reads more »

Giving Off the Right Vibe for Networking


You’ve probably felt a vibe before. It’s when you can tell there’s something wrong with a person. He might respond curtly, or his body language suggests he’s angry about something. This feeling you’re sensing is usually not wrong. It can make you feel a certain way as well. You may leave the person wondering if… Reads more »

How Women Can Network with a Purpose

network with a purpose

Men and women differ in many areas of life, and networking is no different. In a great book, Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One, Madeleine Albright says: “Women don’t network – they make friends. Men network up and down. Women tend to network more peer to peer.” Women make friends and men… Reads more »

Improve Your Networking Skills with this Assessment


Everyone can improve their networking skills. They are skills that need to be worked on continuously because there are so many personalities to deal with at a networking event. After your next event, you may want to start analyzing your networking approach. By analyzing, you will be able to identify what you’re doing right, and what you… Reads more »

8 Networking Tips to Make Networking Events a Raging Success


If you’re just not understanding the point of networking events, you may not be approaching it the right way. These 8 networking tips will help you get more out of each event. Choose the Right Network Although networking with professionals from all walks is advisable, consider focusing your efforts on industries that are naturally aligned… Reads more »

Signs You’re Coming On Too Strong When Networking


It can be difficult to look at ourselves in the self-awareness mirror. We don’t ever want to see a negative reflection. However, taking a real look at how we appear in front of others is necessary, especially when in networking situations. Coming on too strong at networking events is one of the reasons some people… Reads more »