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Network For Contacts You Need Today

Network Contacts

A networking event is a time for you to find new people to help you grow your business. This doesn’t mean you should only try to get new clients or customers though. It’s true they will help you bring in more revenue, but there are other types of network contacts that can help you bring… Reads more »

5 Reasons You Need to Network More

reasons to network

Networking is one of the best types of advertising, and it doesn’t cost as much money either. All you have to do is participate in events, introduce yourself, learn about other people’s businesses, and talk about your own. At the end of the event, you could have a pocket full of contacts that could lead… Reads more »

Research Finds Face-to-Face Networking Invaluable

face-to-face networking

With LinkedIn, Google+, and many other online social networking sites, people have started to isolate themselves. They are turning to their computer screens rather than to their community for networking. While connecting with some people online may lead to great business ventures, new research has found that networking offline is invaluable. EY researchers have found… Reads more »

Boost Confidence for Better Networking

Boost Confidence

Not everyone can walk into a networking event, shake hands with people, and collect hundreds of leads. Many people don’t have the confidence to do that, and it does take a certain level of it to succeed. There are many ways to build confidence though, but you may want to try this one next time… Reads more »

3 Networking Challenges Solved

networking challenges

Challenges abound in just about everything we do; getting past them is what separates those of us who succeed from those who don’t. Networking is no different. This is why we’re going to present three networking challenges many people face and the best way to overcome them. People Don’t Understand Your Business You tell people… Reads more »

What Not to Say at Networking Events

Networking Events

Networking events are your chance to connect with people who can help you grow your business. People are there to speak with you about what you do and share a little of what they do. If they get a good vibe from you and you share that feeling for them, there’s a possibility the connections… Reads more »

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Networking Event

Networking Event

Networking events are a lot of fun, but they aren’t all about fun. It’s business. It’s a time to connect with people to find out how everyone can help one another. Leads come out of networking events, and a lot of knowledge is shared. The success of a networking event depends on how well you… Reads more »

Introvert’s Guide to Business Networking

Business Networking as an Introvert

In the business world, it can seem like everyone around you is an extrovert. They parade around smiling, introducing themselves to everyone, and have no problem carrying on a conversation with a complete stranger. Just watching people like this exhausts you. You want to be a successful business owner though. To be one, you need to… Reads more »

Business Networking Tips: “Don’t be that Guy!”

In this series, we’ll explore the 10 Commandments of Professional Business Networking. First Commandment: Thou shalt listen & be fully engaged in the person your speaking to. Nothing is more frustrating than when while talking with someone at a networking event, the person in front of me is constantly looking around, presumably for something or… Reads more »

Super Connectors: Re-Defining Business Networking

It goes without saying that business networking is important to most professionals. Whether you consider yourself a power networker or simply a well connected professional, most of us do some form of networking every day. The question is, are you really getting the most from your business networking efforts? You don’t have to be a… Reads more »