Face to Face Networking: Why It’s Not a Thing of the Past

face to face networkingIn this date and age, technology is the standard mode of communication for people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions. But what is being left behind?

Cursive script is being taught less and less in school as the handwritten letter becomes a thing of the past, it’s being traded for emails, text messages, and instant messages. Unfortunately, many people are subscribing to the same theory as it applies to networking. While social networking platforms have opened up doors of opportunity, business match-ups, and exposure leading to new markets, there are a few simple benefits of good old fashioned face to face networking that social platforms can’t duplicate.

Human, social interaction is an essential part to quality communication and beneficial networking for all parties involved. Handshakes, eye contact, voices, facial expressions, and laughter all feeds into the natural psychology of connecting with other humans on the deepest level possible.

Now, don’t neglect your social networking efforts, but start utilizing them to meet new people and make those face to face introductions necessary for business. Author Meridith Elliott Powell tells of the importance of utilizing social networking contacts into face to face meetings in order to secure additional business.

How to Start Face-to-Face Networking

Join professional groups and attend their functions. Seek out and attend face to face networking events in your community. Be sure to be prepared with business cards and a strategy for each event depending on your goals. Don’t stay in the corner or limit your networking to a few people. Mingle and get yourself out there. Be sure to follow up after each event with your new connections.

Additionally, you can host your own face to face networking social on a monthly or quarterly basis. Bring community professionals together to open the path for potential clients and business opportunities that benefit the community. Offer refreshments, discounts, and samples from attendees as a way to get people mingling.

You can also use HuddleDo to set up a face-to-face networking event. Ask some people to join you at a destination of your choice, and when two other accept, you have a Huddle. It’s that simple. Try it out today to see how it will work for you!

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