Network as a Pro Right Out of College

networkSince you’ve just graduated, you’re probably still new to the world of networking. Don’t worry; we all have to start somewhere. The following are some tips you can use to use networking to get a job that will give you a great start on your career path.

Start Attending Events

The Internet is a valuable source of information about networking events in your area. Just do a Google search on networking events in a city near you, and then find out how to attend.

Don’t be afraid to travel to networking events, especially if you are not against relocating for a good job. The farther you reach, the higher the chance you’ll find a job you will love.

Connect with People at the Event and Outside of It

When you go to a networking event, don’t stand in the corner the entire time. You will be wasting your time. Step out into the event and start shaking some hands. You can simply say, “Hello…” You can then start with, “Have you ever attended networking events here before or one hosted by this organization?”

In the course of conversations, be sure to get people’s contact information. A business card works or even a phone number so you can exchange texts on how to follow each other social media.

When you get back to your office or home, look for the people you met at the networking event online. Follow them on social media and in a couple of days, reach out to them. You may even want to send an email and start it with this:

Hi Bob,

My name is Sandy Beach, and we met last night at the UCLA alumni mixer at the Hilton.

You can then request a meeting and end the email with “Best” or “Regards.”

Start a Huddle

It’s likely after you go to your first networking event you’ll start to get a better feel for how you should work them. Keep going to them to get better at speaking comfortably in front of people who may be interested in hiring you.

It can also be useful to start a Huddle. By using HuddleDo, you can connect with influencers in LA or your local area to meet up for coffee or lunch. The Huddlers you invite will accept if they are available and then all you have to do is show up.

Huddles are more intimate because it’s only you and two or three other people. This way you can all find out more about each other and really find out how everyone can benefit from each other’s skills and knowledge. Usually, the people you connect with through a Huddle will have other connections that could end up leading you right into the post-graduate job of your dreams.

Get started with a Huddle right here on HuddleDo!

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