Are You Networking with the Wrong People?

networkingWhen you network with the wrong people, you start to feel as though networking isn’t your thing. You don’t see the point in it because you don’t see the results. The problem is that most people don’t know they are networking with the wrong people. They just place blame on networking. The best way to succeed with networking is to find out who you need to reach out to when you’re at an event.

Finding the Right People

When you attend a networking event that is advertised, you can use the Internet to find out who will be attending. Social media is one of the best places to start. You can search for the name of the event to see if anyone has made any mention of it. If you don’t get any results with that, you can post about your attendance to the event. This might spark some people to let you know they will be attending too.

As you meet people online that are going to the event, you can start to ask who they know that is going. As you get some names, you’ll be able to research who they are and what they are doing. That’s how you start to discover who the right people are for networking.

The more connecting you do with people, the more you can find out about who is attending. Try to do this a week or two before the event to give yourself enough time to research.

Getting Ready for the Event

When you have a list of people who seem to be in the same business as you, make sure to have mental or written down notes on why you want to connect with them. You may also want to note what you can discuss with the people you meet. This will help you break the ice as you are mingling at the event.

While researching the people who are attending the networking event you are going to may seem like you have stalker tendencies, it’s the wise way to approach it. This way you don’t waste time on people who probably won’t be interested in you or you interested in them.

Start researching today by finding a networking event in your area OR research some of the people on HuddleDo, and then invite them for a Huddle. Our site is a great way to start networking with the right people to see your business grow.

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