Business Networking Site Launches LA Beta recently launched its business networking site for the Los Angeles market. HuddleDo, is a business networking platform that matches local professionals online for the sole purpose of setting up in-person meetings of three (3 to a Huddle) to make referrals, give support and grow their business. HuddleDo features proprietary matching technology that connects professionals based on selected criteria provided by members AND recommends other industry relevant people to meet with.

Business Networking

Business people Huddling at a networking event.

HuddleDo Creates More Efficient Networking Sessions

Three, the amount of participants in a huddle, mimics what leading offline networking groups have done for many years (“Troikas”) to avoid the pressure of a one-to-one meeting. It is not a number that HuddleDo dreamed-up, but is a number that has been shown to foster effective networking. However, unlike with HuddleDo, the “troika” participants of off-line networking groups are matched randomly, and not by the needs of the participants., the first company to digitize the Troika process, aims to extend the reach of its users beyond traditional off-line networking groups while supporting the needs of all networking groups online or off-line.

HuddleDo is NOT a Social Networking Site.

HuddleDo is deeper. HuddleDo is not a place to just amass connections and self-promote on-line, with nothing really meaningful happening. HuddleDo’s only purpose is for business people to meet offline and to grow their business. Once trust is established, then the Huddle participants can decide if they want to connect on social networking sites.

Benefits of Membership:

Share Knowledge & Experience: HuddleDo members are encouraged to give before receiving. As a result, members share knowledge and experience in and effort to build real and lasting relationships.

Advice/Mentorship: HuddleDo promotes a “Pay it Forward” mentality that permeates through each member resulting in an open exchange of information in the form of advice and mentorship amongst each other.

Targeted and Efficient Networking: HuddleDo provides professionals with a more targeted networking approach. By limiting meetings (Huddles) to 3, HuddleDo facilitates a more efficient way to get results from each meeting (Huddle).

Build Real Relationships: HuddleDo achieves this by creating and managing an environment where real networking (Huddles) actually occurs.

Meet New People: HuddleDo exposes members to new people they don’t know who have similar business focus and a strong desire to create new business opportunities.

Los Angeles, the first of many new markets the company plans to develop, is growing fast and new members are signing up each day. It only takes a few minutes to register for FREE! Join the HuddleDo community and start Huddling Today! Register Now!

Super Connectors: Re-Defining Business Networking

It goes without saying that business networking is important to most professionals. Whether you consider yourself a power networker or simply a well connected professional, most of us do some form of networking every day. The question is, are you really getting the most from your business networking efforts?

Business Networking

Solving the Networking Puzzle

You don’t have to be a super connector (although it helps) to be an effective networker. The old saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is important but it’s even more critical to put the needs of others before your own. We believe effective business networking is not about broadcasting but more about needs based listening.

This is at the core of HuddleDo’s mission. “How can I help you” is the question we all should be asking each and every time we connect with others and is the central piece of each HuddleDo members profile. In order to get the most out of your networking, always be thinking about helping the person in front of you first.

Try this: the next time you meet someone, put your own needs aside and focus on the other person first. Being a super connector is not difficult if you strive to put others before yourself.