Social Ecosystems for Successful Networking

social ecosystemsBeing successful at networking has a lot to do with how you perceive it. People who don’t see it as something that will grow their business will usually not succeed with it. Those that do believe it’s valuable to the growth of their business will see how beneficial it is to them.

What Are Social Ecosystems?

One of the successful ways of viewing networking is by thinking of ecosystems – social ecosystems. The website, Big Think, recently published an article about social ecosystems, which warrants an explanation.

A social ecosystem is a group of people that work towards a goal. You can have many ecosystems working on different goals. When all of the ecosystems achieve their goals, they produce results that contribute to the overall goal of the organization.

How Social Ecosystems Relate to Networking

Let’s take that to networking. When you network, you meet people. Each person has skills and experience that can be used to create a part of what you need to achieve your goals. As you meet people, you can start to organize them into common skills and experience. Each group of people is an ecosystem. As you work with each ecosystem, you start to see how your business grows with their help. When you work with many different groups of people, you start to see how those parts are helping you and your business.

Since it’s easier to work when there are more people, this is why you should always continue to network to find more people to be part of one of your ecosystems. The more people you have, the greater the help you’ll receive.

It’s not only about getting help though – it’s about becoming part of an ecosystem too. When people meet you, they are probably mentally putting you in a group as well. That’s their ecosystem. As you help them and they help you, the ecosystems become beneficial to the businesses involved.

Take a few minutes to look over your contacts now to see how you can organize them to create your own social ecosystems. You may want to create something visual to better understand how this way of looking at networking can help you. Once you get the hang out it, you’ll start to see how all of the ecosystems work separately but then together to achieve the success you want.

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