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Networking Tips for Recent Graduates

networking tips

Graduates of 2015 have been out of school for a couple of months now, and some of them are still struggling to find employment. If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider networking to help you. Networking is just another word for meeting people. It involves introducing yourself, listening to someone else,… Reads more »

6 Tips to Rock at Networking


Networking is not hard. Many people think it is because they tell themselves that, but it’s really not when you are prepared and have experience in it.  The following tips will help you network like a pro right from the start. Have fun, but don’t have too much fun. Networking events are social events, so… Reads more »

Books with Networking Tips for Business Opportunities

Networking Tips

You can spend the entire day reading about networking online, but when you’re away from your computer, you can’t do your research. Instead, you need something else to give you the networking tips that will help you succeed. That something else is books about networking. The following are some of the best books you can… Reads more »

Introvert’s Guide to Business Networking

Business Networking as an Introvert

In the business world, it can seem like everyone around you is an extrovert. They parade around smiling, introducing themselves to everyone, and have no problem carrying on a conversation with a complete stranger. Just watching people like this exhausts you. You want to be a successful business owner though. To be one, you need to… Reads more »

Business Networking Tips: “Don’t be that Guy!”

In this series, we’ll explore the 10 Commandments of Professional Business Networking. First Commandment: Thou shalt listen & be fully engaged in the person your speaking to. Nothing is more frustrating than when while talking with someone at a networking event, the person in front of me is constantly looking around, presumably for something or… Reads more »