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Can You Reconnect Too Much When Networking?


How many times do you try to reach out to connections you make at networking events? Once? Two times? Three times? Ten times? Many people believe that you can’t reconnect too many times. They think that the more they put themselves in other people’s faces, the higher the chances they will end up getting what… Reads more »

Why Confidence Can Be a Problem in Networking


Many people think that confidence is everything to networking. While that is usually the case, there is a time when confidence can be a huge problem. Understanding when that is can be the secret to finally being able to make networking work for you. Confidence vs. Insecurity – The Balancing Act Have you ever met… Reads more »

Take It Offline for Networking Results


With social networks, many people have become isolative. They believe they can do all of their networking online. They don’t ever want to meet another person face-to-face again. Unfortunately, that will only hurt you. That will only keep you from getting all of the benefits of networking. You need to get out into the world… Reads more »

Networking Across Cultures


The United States is a wonderful mix of many cultures. It’s the melting pot of the world. People come to the U.S. to make it big – to create the American Dream and live it. As these people are creating the life they’ve always dreamed of in America, they realize that networking is important. They… Reads more »

What to Do When a Contact Calls You


You’ve been through a networking event. You’ve met a lot of people and have given your business card to most of them. You gauge the number of business cards handed over at about 50. Some of those people you remember, while others just seem like a blur. The next thing you know one of the… Reads more »

Priming a Connection to Connect After Networking


The point of networking is to meet new people you can work with to grow your business. That means that what you get out of a networking event doesn’t just stay within the time frame of the event. It goes beyond it. To ensure you are more successful at getting your new connections to connect… Reads more »

Networking Is Not Sleezy – Rejecting a Study


People who feel uncomfortable about networking can sometimes feel like they are doing something wrong. A study in the journal Administrative Science Quarterly found that participants felt networking impinged on their moral purity. Participants felt dirty when they thought of networking with others. They felt as though they weren’t doing the right thing because they… Reads more »

Personality Traits and Networking: Why You Should Care


Everyone has a personality. Whether it is one that is likable or not, people have a certain way about them. Each type of personality either goes with or against other types of personalities. When two personalities go well together, people can do great things together. When two personalities conflict, it can make it difficult to… Reads more »

Build Trust with Networking


When you first meet people, you don’t trust them and they don’t trust you. It’s human nature not to trust people you’ve never met. It’s protection. You’ve learn from past experiences that some people are not trustworthy, so you keep that in mind when you’re meeting people. You need to get to know them and… Reads more »