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What to Wear When You’re Networking


What do you wear to a networking event? If you never really thought about it, you have to start now. Your networking wardrobe says a lot about you. It can help you or hurt you. Find out which outfits you should shop for or put to the side just for your next networking event. What… Reads more »

The Most Important Skill Business Women Need


There are many successful women out there today. They have achieved their business goals, and they’ve done it despite the challenges and struggles they’ve had along the way. At this point, you’re probably wondering how they’ve made it so far. You’re probably thinking that they must have something you don’t. Guess what? That’s not it… Reads more »

What Research Says About Networking


While you may listen to people tell you how important networking is, all the talk probably doesn’t mean as much as research. Many studies have been done on networking and the results are remarkable. Research shows that networking has many benefits: It helps you stay employed. There’s more potential for salary growth. It improves job… Reads more »

Use Powerful Introductions for Better Networking


It’s not what you know, but who you know. You’ve probably heard this saying a million times. As much as you don’t want to believe it, it’s true. Knowing people who can connect you with others can boost your chances of bigger, better opportunities. This is why it’s important you start using the power of… Reads more »

Network Effectively with a Relationship Action Plan

relationship action plan

Recently, Forbes published an article, The Professional’s Guide to Networking. This article discussed some ways you can network more effectively, so you don’t go from event to event without anything to show for them. One of the concepts the article mentioned is one that many networking pros recommend – relationship action plans. What Is a… Reads more »

Give to Get in the Networking World


When most people think of a networking event, they immediately imagine themselves gathering new leads. They think about who they can meet that will help them grow their business. They may even think about how they can get the next great employee that will help them reach their business goals. Even though it’s normal to… Reads more »

Signs You’re Coming On Too Strong When Networking


It can be difficult to look at ourselves in the self-awareness mirror. We don’t ever want to see a negative reflection. However, taking a real look at how we appear in front of others is necessary, especially when in networking situations. Coming on too strong at networking events is one of the reasons some people… Reads more »

Use These Words to Win at Networking


The Business Insider recently published an article identifying the six most powerful words when networking. These words are: Who What Why Where When How These words are your keys to get into the realm of relationship building with people. One thing that HuddleDo emphasizes is the importance of building valuable connections with people at networking… Reads more »

5 Reasons Networking Isn’t Working for You


You’ll hear and read repeatedly that networking is one of the best ways to grow your business. However, when you try it, the time you spend on it doesn’t lead anywhere. This probably makes you wonder if everyone is lying or you’re doing something terribly wrong. The good news is that you are right in… Reads more »