What Women Need in a Networking Group

networking groupThe Huffington Post published an article recently on what women truly need in networking. From the author’s perspective, most women do not benefit from networking as much as they should. It’s not that they don’t feel as though they do because they certainly feel that the networking group provides inspiration and knowledge. There’s so much more that women can get from networking, though. The author identifies what that is in the article.

  • Coming Up with Solutions

The author discusses how many of the women would gripe about the challenges they have faced. While complaining can be a great way to vent, it doesn’t solve any problems. What the networking group should do is try to come up with solutions to problems, rather than just sharing problems.

  • Being More Specific

Women can have difficulty asking for what they really want. This leads to problems in a networking group because women walk away with absolutely nothing. Women should start to express what they want, so the other members can help.

  • Practical Support Is Better

Providing emotional support will help women feel better, but it won’t help them do anything about their situation. Practical support offers tips to women, so they can go back to their situation with a plan. It’s the plan that makes the networking group truly beneficial.

These tips on what women really need in a networking group are great, but there needs to be balance. Women operate differently from men. While men go into networking looking for something and wanting action, women are more social. They want to connect with women not only on a business level, but on an emotional one as well. This is why many of them feel that a networking group is beneficial even if they leave with nothing more than a clear mind from the venting and emotional support.

It might be better to include practical support with emotional support, so women truly feel as though they are being helped. Maybe instead of voicing what they need, they may feel better about asking others what they need. By giving, many women often feel better about asking. When a problem presents itself, women can come up with a plan along with providing the listening ear and shoulder to lean on that they are naturally made to do.

If you keep all of this in mind as you set up a HuddleDo networking group, you’ll end up finding that the meeting will be much more pleasurable for you. Get started today with a Huddle at your favorite coffee shop!

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