Words You Should Never Say When You’re Networking

Have you ever said something and then wish you could take those words back? Don’t worry; we’ve all done it. To make sure you don’t end up doing it over and over again, study the following words you should never say when you’re networking.


Don’t hate anything or anyone. Hate is a strong word, and many people get a negative feeling when they hear it. If you want to have a positive impression on someone, avoid saying the word hate at all costs. Even if the other person says he or she hates something or someone, it doesn’t make it okay for you to follow along.  Just pay attention to how you feel when that person says that word. It’s not good…


When say no, you are cutting someone off. It may not appear that way, but the other person may feel that way and it’s not a good way to feel. If you’re not sure you can do something the other person is requesting, simply say that you will get back to that person or you might be able to do it. A possibility is better than saying no and it’s not saying yes, so that you end up being a liar.


Experience comes from what you have done. Instead of saying you have experience in something, talk about that experience. Discuss the projects you’ve done and what you’ve learned from them. The person you’re speaking with will understand that you have experience just by you telling him what you’ve done.


Just like experience, people want to know how you are motivated not that you are motivated. When you discuss what you’ve done and how you did it, they will be able to see that you are motivated individual. Hint: The same goes for the word hard-working.


Don’t say uh. While you’re at it, don’t say um. You are intelligent and while your anxiety may make you say uh and um, try your hardest not to do it. Speak slower than you usually do, so you can speak with confidence without disruption with these filler words.


Fluffy words to express how great something is will not show off your intellect. You don’t need to tell someone how amazing something is – describe what it is and allow that person to come to the conclusion that it is amazing.

Keep these words in mind as you are heading to your next networking event. It might take some practice to stop saying them, but once you get used to avoiding them it will be easy.

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